Thursday, March 21, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 16th October 2016

SUN 16th OCTOBER 2016 13Race Report – 9 skippers attended Winter Handicap Series RD 6 sailed at Manly on Sunday 16th October 2016

Sunny, with light winds 2-3 knots out of the east and swung around to the northeast and increased slightly as the morning progressed. Peter set the course, 3 windward leeward legs with the start being a gate on the run.

 The 1st 5 races where sailed with everyone having a few good results and a few they could discard. Everyone, at some stage had issues with weed and other foreign matter in the water. It got better once the tide started to go out. Smoko was called after race 5 and the start was shifted as the wind had swung more to the (NE).

Jack and Dennis had a good run after smoko with a couple of wins each. Allan   had a few electrical issues at the start of the day and picked up a win after the break. Andrew sailed well all day and Greg sailed well with his new Britpop and the handicap he sailing off. John & Peter where up there for most of the day. Peter’s new boat look fast. It will be good to see how it goes with a bit more breeze. Scott had a good start and finish to the day .Russell had issues with his boat after the break and was the PRO for the last 2 races. Everyone else had a turn at PRO for the day.

Thanks to John for scoring for the day.

Looking at the results, the scores where close, so well done to the handicapper.

Good luck to all the club members sailing in the N/QLD & S/QLD Champs coming up.

Tony #70