Friday, February 22, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Scratch Winter Series Round 5, Manly - 3rd September 2017

Todays round of the winter sailing series was held in a reasonable N-NW breeze.

Commodore Mike arrived with the new Tara design yacht which he was frantically still rigging for the days racing. The yacht went like a rocket. Mike however had not yet put the necessary 250gms of weight into the hull and ruled himself out of the days results. Everyone was fairly impressed with both the design and finish of the boat.

Some 10 boats arrived at the start line under OOD Scott for the racing today on Father’s Day. A great day was had by all and some close finishes and good banter was exchanged. Of special note today would be John’s 4th place, Alex’s 3rd and our most travelling skipper Russell was 2nd. Well done guys. A fair bit of barging in at the weather side of the start line was noted and should be avoided in the future.

Peter K.