Friday, February 22, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Handicap Winter Series Round 5, Manly – 24th September 2017

24sepA beautiful Spring Day, a High Tide, plenty of Wind and Only Four Skippers!

This Round is a non-event.

Unfortunately the Bureau of Meteorology’s predicted heat wave and temps of 35° may have caused many skippers to rethink venturing outside this Sunday – this was certainly the concern for Eddie!

However, on the Manly foreshore itself, it was actually a very pleasant day and certainly nowhere near the horror of the 35° as forecast. Peter Kampe/Ken Anning (sharing the Club Boat), Scott, John Gower and Russell Gray were the only members obviously prepared to braved ‘The (alleged) elements’. But unfortunately with only four boats on site, points could not be scored as the minimum requirement for scoring is for five boats.

Nevertheless, as the camp was set up and with boats rigged, it was decided to continue on with some friendly scratch sailing (yes, although it being our handicap day!).

Several races were run with everyone really in the mix, as wind, rig fouling’s, diluted starts, connexions and errant buoys all contributed to a mass of mixed results. Despite the fun, good and bad luck for all and a small fleet, law and order was maintained and it turned out to be a really enjoyable social day.

There was wind from the North from the outset and as the day progressed this became ever stronger as the water got higher, but all boats sailed in ‘A’ rigs until it was deemed rig changes with soon be necessary. So by the time lunch came around it was decided to pull the boats out and stow them away (rather than change rigs) and fire up the BBQ for a double helping of bangers-‘n’-onions, garnished with the obligatory sauces and cold drinks. It was also good to have Dale Smith arrive just in time to join us for the social gathering.

Thanks to Ken and Scott for cooking and to everyone for parcelling the location. Special mention must also be made of Scott for coming to the aid of a damsel-in-distress when her hat blew into the water.



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