Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Scratch Summer Series Round 1, Manly - 5th November 2017

SUN 5th NOVEMBER 2017 233

Twelve boats on the water for the 1st of the summer scratch series. With a good tide and semi favourable forecast racing was underway just after 9.30.

At no time were boats becalmed however there breeze was initially patchy and shifting between the north east and north, (the rain did stay away as well).

This made it challenging for the sailing committee however some good length races were had all with upwind starts and 2 to 3 laps. 6 races were had before a short and well deserved break. A leeward gate for the last few races helped to make things interesting and limit alterations.

There was plenty of action off the start line and if you could get away well it would set you up for a good result. While there were literally boat lengths in it at the finish there was at times also a good spread between the boats. 

Brett brought his still new Kantun 2 and lifted the game and it would be great to see him sail more often. Scott had a great day always at the pointy end and only 2 points separated these two boats. 

Peter Kampe was the 1st of the Tara's in 4th while an out of practice Eddie had mixed results. Arco won a  with his Bandit and won it well and with Dennis and Andrew mixing with the leaders it went to show any well sailed boat can feature. 

Both Andrew and Tony would have benefitted from some more consistent breeze with Andrew performing well recently.  Tony nearly broke through for a win and was certainly more of a chance when he managed to stay in the breeze. Russel got away for a solid win however needs to come up with a more solid starting plan to help his consistency.  

Mike had a good day especially when he managed to escape at the start however was pushed hard in all races. There was plenty of opportunity to compare speeds over the day and it was evident many boats had similar pace. There were some good shifts and you could be really unlucky which made more of a difference. 

A big thanks to Bruce for scoring and for all skippers for a smooth day with few infractions.