Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Clive Brooks Trophy - 22nd April 2018



Following an enjoyable morning of Handicap racing in which 10 races were held the attending skippers were tuned in for the Scratch series that afternoon. Throughout the morning the wind had been borderline between A rig and B rig however it was the larger of the two that mostly paid dividends.

Prior to the start of the scratch racing the pressure and gusts seemed to average slightly higher and a group decision was made to race in B rigs to ensure and even playing field. The result was some of the closest racing we have had for some time in Manly Harbour. Almost every start saw the entire fleet of the competitive field start right on the sound signal. For the first 4 races there was a slight bias in the first leg and with limited options to make a gain all boats were rounding the top mark inches apart. The course set was a start line in front of the control area, out to a distant windward mark. Back to a leeward mark to the North West and a repeat making two laps. Wind was out of the south east and quite gusty, ranging from 10 to 18 knots and ultimately providing plenty of shifts to make it tactically challenging event.

After Race 4 the course was altered slightly as Mike took to the dinghy to vent his frustration in collecting the retrieval line of the start mark and retiring. Coinciding with a slight wind shift to the left, a move of the windward mark to the south and resetting of the start line resulted in a much truer windward leeward course.  Impressing out of race one was Dale who led most of the way to eventually place second, another 3rd proved he had the pace and just has to get the boat in the right place. Tony was very consistent with a well prepared boat and placed mainly in the 2's and 3's with a couple of unluckier results. Peter Kamp’s new boat was also starting to show her potential mixing it with the leaders and having good pace uphill in B Rig. There is still a few teething problems and some tuning to do so we look forward to seeing it evolve. Scott did not have his greatest day perhaps as a result of generously donating his boat to Andrew for the morning session and missing the opportunity to get his eye in. Ray had some moments of brilliance with plenty of speed in B rig yet getting a little too involved with the other boats in the course. The story of the day though was the battle between the V10 of Andrew Wilson and Mike's Chienz. There was 5 wins a piece and some battles all around the course with several lead changes. If the V10 was anywhere near you at the top mark it was almost inevitable it would be in front by the bottom mark. It was only a few shifts in it that decided the overall result.






Ten skippers presented at Manly harbour to race this perpetual trophy event.

The wind was SSE at 9 to 13 knots and a windward and return course of two laps was set in the north/south channel.

Several skippers ran aground on the incoming tide, I was one on two occasions. Thankyou to those skippers who rescued me and those who launched and retrieved my boat between breaks, it is greatly appreciated.

The wind was freshening so some changed to B rigs. It was not really warranted until the last two races when the A rig boats were completely overpowered.

Podium places were shared by all skippers except Dennis, who retired after two races. First place was achieved by seven skippers, Ian Forster having three wins. Second place was achieved by five skippers, I had four second places. Third place was achieved by six skippers, Andrew Wilson had three third places.

Thankyou to Scott Warton for being PRO. Scott also lent his boat to Andrew Milne for the event. Andrew had electrical problems with his own boat.

Thankyou of course to Bruce Mathers for photography on the day and for being such an able Trophy Steward.

John McLachlan #40