Sunday, July 21, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 20th May 2018

AGM SUN 20th MAY 2018 118On a Wing and a Fart! (Timing)

Such was the breeze after the AGM

and a latish start at 10:00 am.

We called smoko after the second race,

weather Gods putting us in our place!

Cuppa done, but the glass remained,

up and down again, sailing feigned!

Every line crossed, a collective sigh,

oh for a better course to ply!

A breeze appeared, out of the blue,

and the course was set anew.

Triangle and sausage, such great fare,

chewed up by all, without a care.

Lunch came, went, and still we sailed,

breakfast reserves long since paled.

When no more wind, this course could send,

it was up and down again, until the end.

All adrift on the last, but I went wide when started

then somewhere, someone farted!

My sails filled instantly, and I ran the course,

the drifters were passed with no remorse!

I rounded the mark, against the sun,

goose-wing the sheets, and won!

Ian Forster (20 May, 2018)