Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Handicap Summer Series Round 6, Manly - 15th April 2018

16apr18Last of the Summer Sorties

The wind blew in from nor-nor east, Nine boats circled slow

Each one counting down the clock, for their allotted time to go

Off they went in the lights wind, all plying their skippers craft

Some more able as the wind then varied from bluster to a draft

 Ebbing was the tide, and thankfully weed was lost at sea

Toad fish, small bream and a seed pod were all for us to see

Dennis was menaced by gremlins, somewhere in his boat

Scott, the PRO was generally happy with all of those afloat

Back and forth, the markers moved around the board

The wind gradually steadied and boat speed slowly soared

After ten eventful sorties upon the falling tide

The results were in for all of those who tried.