Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Social sailing at Sovereign Waters, Wellington Point on Thursday 5th April 2018

THURSDAY 5th APRIL 2018 2Eight skippers had an 8-20am start in 8 to 10 knots of gusting SSE wind.

One sailed in B rig the others in A rig. As the morning progressed the wind freshened with gusts over 15 knots. Three skippers changed to B rigs. 

The course was our usual consisting of two laps of a large triangle and a windward/return to finish with all buoys to starboard.

Ted had signal problems with his boat ending up on the lee shore on the other side of the lake. Des drove Ted around and they gained access to the lake only to determine that Ted’s keel had pulled off the keel-bolt. Both were retrieved.

Some exciting sailing with some mishaps occurring in the more difficult wind conditions. Our Newsletter editor and photographer arrived mid-morning and took pics of the resident black swan and the wood ducks and black ducks and some teal. Thanks Bruce.

Finished around 10-45am

John McLachlan


NN yellow    Des Besgrove                  57                Jack Ford

NN blue        Bruce                             97                Ted Ball

118               Peter                             40                John McLachlan

54                John Holland                  33                Tony Bennett