Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Tuesday Sailing - 3rd April 2018

TUESDAY 3rd APRIL 2017 41TUESDAY sailing this week started with a little light rain, and soon cleared to a steady breeze from the S.S.East, with a building tide and breeze, sailing was enjoyable for the regular midweekers.

Several world problems were solved at smoko and then back into it, breeze at 10 knots, most enjoyed a race win. Boat harbour again next week.


What a pleasant day it was, we were greeted with a somewhat light but steady breeze that blew in from the southeast at the outset and it appeared that it was up and down, the Manly norm.

As the morning progressed the rising tide was a bonus and before any serious sailing got underway it swung around more easterly and started blowing in with a vengeance.

Eight or nine sailors were on deck, though one or two it seems, were a little timid about showing their skills in the post Easter conditions (weather and personal).

B Rig was looking the post smoko option, but we all toughed it out in A rigs. 

Vast sums of money changed hands at smoko, as a few members paid their fees to the Treasurer who was contemplating calling for an armed escort to the bank.

Everyone had a degree of success in the races, though a few penalties went undone unfortunately.