Thursday, May 23, 2019
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 4th Sept 2016

SUN 4th SEPTEMBER 2016 40Like Déjà vua sunny day with south west winds of 5 to 8 knots set the scene for the first half of the morning. With 8 skippers racing due to conflicting regattas and perhaps Father's Day we were able to get 5 races in despite the fluky conditions.

The results were mixed as some were more fortunate than others and a good lead could evaporate quickly. Andrew did call for an early break to wait for the sea breeze which would have been the right call. Instead we pushed through to the break in good time and while the skippers talked tuning the wind did swing.

Post break we had a great course east west with a gate at the leeward end. Racing was very tight and impressively John found good form at the end with a 1st and 2nd. Pete as always impressed however found himself on the wrong side of a few shifts however his speed kept him in shape to finish second. Scott was the quiet achiever and kept his cool to finish 3rd. It was good to have Mark 'Rommel' Colbourne back who despite some issues got around the track and improved to round the top mark first only to succumb to rigging issues. I managed to have a pretty consistent day with a little luck early and some more speed in the freshening breeze for the final 5 races. Well done to all skippers as there was barely an incident all day with any infringing skippers doing their turns without debate.





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