Thursday, October 01, 2020
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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Marina - 19th August 2018

SUN 19th AUGUST 2018 179Blow The Man Down, Or Off the Wall!

Ooh aargh! me ‘earties and shiver me timbers,

Augusty winds and chill be ‘ere..

Tho’ spyglassy waters greeted us, early in the morn,

our course was set and intensions clear.

We were planning our attack and counting pieces of eight

then nine bells sounded and the wind cut loose.

Six able seamen braved rising winds and lowly tide,

observed by Admiral Scott and cabin- boy Bruce.

After five engagements we withdrew for fresh orders

it was decided ‘B’attle rigs would now be set.

Old Ray was spent and retired ‘low decks as the

Admiral rallied the rabble, for there were flags for us to get!

We returned to the fray, sheets hard pressed to the wind

masts a’groanin’, as the weather galed.

No angel comfort on offer, for those of us who sinned,

three-sixties the reward if maneuvering failed.

The fleet limped home victorious after ten torrid encounters,

shore leave was granted for a welcomed hearty feast.

At the Captains table sat, the wind blown weary crew,

who offered up a ‘Yo Ho Ho’, to the defeated writhing beast.

Ian Forster