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Winter Series 2018

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 2, Manly - 17th June 2018

32Ten skippers arrived to race in predicted 15 knot winds from the West and South West.

A general meeting was held at 9am to keep everyone informed and to ratify the Clubs direction in forthcoming matters.


The forecast was not too wrong. The wind varied from lulls to bullets of 12 to 15 knots and was becoming consistently stronger. At Race 4 several skippers changed to B rigs, however this proved to be an incorrect decision as those that had stayed with A rig literally sailed away! Two races later everyone except Jack was sailing in A rig.

The course was a port course with a reach (sometimes) south down the channel then east out to the centre channel, back to the start line and repeat with the last leg changing to the northern channel marker then through to the finish.
As is common with Handicap Racing the podium places were shared with nine of the ten skippers. Peter Kampe had servo rudder issues and sailed just two races.

First place was shared by John McL (four times), Dale Smith (two times) and Dennis, Andrew, John Whitbread and Mike Freebairn (once each). Second place was shared by John McL and Mike Freebairn (twice each) and once each by Jack Ford, Ian Forster, Brett Whitbread, Dale Smith, Andrew Milne and John Whitbread. Third Place was shared by Brett Whitbread (four times), Mike Freebairn (two times) and once each by Dennis Patterson, Jack Ford, John McL and Andrew Milne.
There were lots of interested spectators as usual which is beneficial for our sport.

Thankyou to Scott Warton and Ian Forster for PRO and scoring duties and to Scott for cooking the barbeque. Dennis Patterson took the photos.

John McLachlan



WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 2, Manly Marina - 3rd June 2018


Sunday was a typical winter’s morning at manly, perfect morning, plenty of people on the walkway.

With a making tide and breeze, sailing got underway on time with a sou’wester for the first few races. Russell nailed the first race, chased home by Peter and Dennis. I won the second with Tony and Peter close behind. 

The wind came around more south and allowed us to sail up and down the embankment for the rest of the morning.

At the end of the round I had won six races, Tony won two and Dennis had one win and several good placings with his new boat to take third for the day.





WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 20th May 2018

AGM SUN 20th MAY 2018 118On a Wing and a Fart! (Timing)

Such was the breeze after the AGM

and a latish start at 10:00 am.

We called smoko after the second race,

weather Gods putting us in our place!

Cuppa done, but the glass remained,

up and down again, sailing feigned!

Every line crossed, a collective sigh,

oh for a better course to ply!

A breeze appeared, out of the blue,

and the course was set anew.

Triangle and sausage, such great fare,

chewed up by all, without a care.

Lunch came, went, and still we sailed,

breakfast reserves long since paled.

When no more wind, this course could send,

it was up and down again, until the end.

All adrift on the last, but I went wide when started

then somewhere, someone farted!

My sails filled instantly, and I ran the course,

the drifters were passed with no remorse!

I rounded the mark, against the sun,

goose-wing the sheets, and won!

Ian Forster (20 May, 2018)



WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series Round 1, Manly - 6th May 2018

SUN 6th May 2018 334Plenty of breeze was forecast for Round 1 of the winter scratch racing to be held at Manly Harbour. 

9 skippers attended with several regulars accompanied by Ken Pryor, who has a long history in sailing and a more recent interest in RC sailing, and also veteran sailor yet newcomer to model boating John Whitbread.


John is the father of Brett who is a very keen sailor being very successful in several classes, including the VX sports boat and has been regularly cleaning up in the IOM class when he is able to attend. John managed to get around all 10 races and had some very competitive starts. He was generally in good shape early and said he had some issues getting used to the control and judging distances at times. I am sure with some more sailing he will adapt well.

The course was initially set along the bank with 2 laps and a start line half way up the beat. It was A rig initially and 2 races were held before the wind settled in more to the south east and a course change was required. A new windward mark and clearing mark was set and the start line realigned and some great racing was held for the next 7 races.

Very impressively John McLachlan won the first race and followed this with a 3rd and 4th before tapering off perhaps resting on his laurels. Wins were also shared by many sailors with Scott and Russel each having two. Scott had some more consistency to place 2nd overall.

After Race three there was a wholesale change to B rig however Russel braved the A rig looking for an advantage. It paid for while however the gusty winds eventually took their toll. Russel sailed well however to finish on the podium.

With the conditions being very up and down this was reflected in the results of a few skippers. Tony Grey had moments of brilliance and a little more luck would have moved him up the leaderboard. John Gower as well was on the podium before an early departure. Impressively both Andrew and Dennis sailed some good races with many races very close at the finish. The former finishing one place ahead with a string of good results towards the end.




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