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Winter Series 2018

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Marina - 2nd September 2018

SUN 2nd SEPTEMBER 2018 456Father's Day at Manly was blessed with a warm and pleasant day with a light southerly blowing.

There were plenty of spectators and they were rewarded with some close racing. The early southerly was great for the first race which was two laps of the windward leeward course along the shore. Unfortunately it softened and swung left for the next three races. While racing was still close the promising prospect of it going east and freshening resulted in an early break being called.

Luckily the wind played the game and with Tony joining the fleet some really good races were held around a triangle course followed by two windward leeward with the finish being downwind.

Mike got away to a good start and managed to be consistent however two of his wins were only by a bow bumper.

Many races had several lead changes and boat speeds were similar across the board Peter Kampe made some rewarding changes and after freeing up his sails improved his speed. Scott was also impressive with his ever improving Ellipses and local knowledge.

The close points from 4th onwards showed how tough it was if you did not get an early break. The starts were very competitive and while there were a few penalties in this area and on the way up the course and at the windward mark they were generally quite innocent and handled without fuss.

Any place gained or lost would have made a huge difference too many skippers’ final placings. Tony carried some discards due to his early absence and without these would have been challenging for a photo opportunity when the results were tallied. Still getting his eye in early he unluckily shaved a mark or two as well.

It was good to see Eddie win a race and surely he will back up the front with a bit more sailing.

Ted had an enjoyable day circulating well at times with good straight-line speed yet still coming to terms with getting around the track.

With all but one skipper finishing with podium places it was smiles all around and we look forward to a good summer of sailing at Manly.


NB Sorry no videos this week as Bruce was recording the results. Happy Father’s Day!



WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Marina - 19th August 2018

SUN 19th AUGUST 2018 179Blow The Man Down, Or Off the Wall!

Ooh aargh! me ‘earties and shiver me timbers,

Augusty winds and chill be ‘ere..

Tho’ spyglassy waters greeted us, early in the morn,

our course was set and intensions clear.

We were planning our attack and counting pieces of eight

then nine bells sounded and the wind cut loose.

Six able seamen braved rising winds and lowly tide,

observed by Admiral Scott and cabin- boy Bruce.

After five engagements we withdrew for fresh orders

it was decided ‘B’attle rigs would now be set.

Old Ray was spent and retired ‘low decks as the

Admiral rallied the rabble, for there were flags for us to get!

We returned to the fray, sheets hard pressed to the wind

masts a’groanin’, as the weather galed.

No angel comfort on offer, for those of us who sinned,

three-sixties the reward if maneuvering failed.

The fleet limped home victorious after ten torrid encounters,

shore leave was granted for a welcomed hearty feast.

At the Captains table sat, the wind blown weary crew,

who offered up a ‘Yo Ho Ho’, to the defeated writhing beast.

Ian Forster





WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4 & Club Champs RD1, Manly Marina - 12th August 2018

SUN 12th August 2018 461Sailing Sunday 12th August.

A light mostly north wind greeted our sailors for our scratch and 1st club championship round.

The wind was light but fairly consistent in strength and direction for the first 5 races. Smoko was called and the wind changed to a very inconsistent westerly. To be honest the breeze was a shocker, making it very trying at times.

My new boat design TIC TOC went well. Scott pushed me very hard all races but I was a little more consistent.

Great to see Eddie back today and he attained a well-deserved 3rd. Thanks to Ian for taking on the OOD duties for the day and to Bruce for his photographic expertise.

Peter Kampe



WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Marina - 15th July 2018

SUN 15th JULY 2018 613Handicap Sailing Report - 15/7/18.

A beautiful cloudless cold winters morning with very little breeze greeted our rather small fleet of 8 for this days racing.

Fortunately we were able to get 9 races in before calling a halt to today’s racing. Thanks to Scott for taking on OOD duties and getting the BBQ fired up. Our sausage sizzle is a much appreciated event after a hard mornings racing.

Although the breeze was light and mostly from the south to south west back markers were still able to come through for some good results.

Today my boat had good speed and allowed me to win the day. Andrew sailed consistently for his well-earned 2nd place. John and Mike tied for 3rd.

Once again thanks to John for his computer skills.

Peter K.






A little overcast a but beautiful, fresh Queensland Winters Day, eight eager skippers ready to sail, an incoming tide both weed and jellyfish free and… NO WIND!

With the buoys in place and boats on the water, race one of the day got underway on time… the lack of wind however was obviously going to be a serious factor but everyone was confident that the conditions would improve eventually with time… unfortunately by the second race it was evident that this hoped for improvement with ‘time’ was going to take a little longer than expected and the sailing was becoming exceedingly protracted and the fleet was separating into two distinct groups, so an early break was called.

During the break, ripples on the water were either an encouraging sign of a growing breeze or more precisely, wave wake residual from a Cat ‘motoring hard’ out of the harbour! Nevertheless, all skippers were called back to the water for the start of race three… sadly the fleet was again left adrift with the flotilla yet again separating into noticeably well-defined groupings. As the conditions weren’t improving it was clear that the day was going to be very challenging and would certainly not be a just representation of anyone’s sailing, so race three and sailing for the remainder of the day was abandoned.

Sincerest thanks to Ian FORSTER for his time as PRO and John McLACHLAN for scoring and to all hands on deck for stowing the site.




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